Pursuing Love

I've been searching for something lately.  It's like a craving that I just can't satisfy.  It's a wandering, searching, unquenched desire for something that just seems to remain just out of reach. I eat salty, chocolate, BBQ ribs... nothing.  I shop for new clothes, new gadgets, new places to explore... nope.  I seek out friends,... Continue Reading →

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Get Free

I know this is a very popular topic this time of year, and maybe I can't really say anything new or original, but I'll still try. No one wants to be owned or ruled by another person. Most of us don't want to feel like our lives are being run by an object, a feeling,... Continue Reading →

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My Favorite People

Anyone that knows me will tell you I love children.  I do. The truth is that I understand them in a way most adults don't. I would rather have a conversation with a child than with most adults. I'm socially awkward around adults but children are my people. Children have a quality that I value... Continue Reading →

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Writer’s Block

So, I am super excited about the feedback I've been getting from my first post but now I'm feeling pressure about what comes next!  I know I have so many stories to tell and ideas to share that I shouldn't run out of material.  I have been thinking about what to write next.  Do I... Continue Reading →

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Of course I know that not all who wander are lost (J. R. R. Tolkien), but I'm certain that those who are lost wander. Welcome to the journey!

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Waiting is definitely not one of my strengths. I often get an idea (or an inkling of an idea) and I instantly become obsessed with making it happen. I start planning and purchasing and organizing before the idea is even fully formed. People often say how organized I am, unless they know me really well.... Continue Reading →

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